Can I Delete My Question On Avvo?

Is avvo anonymous?

It is anonymous as far as its posting on the internet.

However, if a court order is obtained Avvo may be forced to reveal identifying information about a post..

How do I contact avvo?

Avvo Profile, Advertising and Website ServiceAvvo Customer Care. Monday – Friday. M–F: 10:00a.m. – 8:00p.m. EST. 7:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. PST. United States: U.S.: 800-526-4902. Email: Avvo Website Support. … Avvo for Lawyers. 720 Olive Way, Suite 1400. Seattle, WA 98101. Sales: 1-800-441-3596 (option #2)

Ask A Lawyer is a free offering on where consumers can ask legal questions and seek answers from our extensive network of attorneys. For attorneys, it is an effective marketing tool linking you to prospective clients who may be in need of legal counsel.

How much does avvo cost?

Avvo Pro – The pricing for this service starts at $49 a month. Avvo Advertising –The pricing for this service starts at $100 a month.

How do I delete avvo review?

If you believe the review has not come from an actual or potential client of yours, we will contact the reviewer and ask them to confirm that they were in fact a real or potential client, and give them the option to edit or delete the review. During the dispute, the review will not appear on your profile.

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What is a good avvo rating?

An Avvo rating is a 1 to 10 score used by – an online directory of lawyers – to rate individual attorneys based on the contents of their Avvo profile….What is an Avvo Rating?RatingDesignation8.9 – 8.0Excellent7.9 – 7.0Very Good6.9 – 6.0Good5.9 – 5.0Average5 more rows

How does avvo make money?

Instead, according to the lawsuits, Avvo makes money by selling advertising and marketing space on the lawyer profile pages. … Avvo Pro – In exchange for a monthly fee, Avvo keeps other attorneys’ sponsored listings off an attorney’s profile page, according to both lawsuits.

What is the highest Avvo rating?

We created the Avvo Rating to reflect the type of information people have identified as important when looking to hire an attorney. It’s as simple as counting to 10. Ratings fall on a scale of 1 (Extreme Caution) to 10 (Superb), helping you quickly assess a lawyer’s background based on our rating.

Can I delete my Avvo profile?

We do not remove profiles from our site. The information in a lawyer profile is pulled from public records and publicly available information. If you are concerned that public information we share on our website is incorrect, please let us know and we will do our best to update it.

Is avvo credible?

If you’re wondering if the Avvo Score is reliable in terms of finding a quality attorney my answer to that would be no. Avvo uses a proprietary scoring system based on factors such as reviews, endorsements from other lawyers, and case results to figure out a score between 1 – 10. … But also offer client reviews.

What does avvo stand for?

Associazione Volontari Visitatori OspedalieriAcronym. Definition. AVVO. Associazione Volontari Visitatori Ospedalieri (Italian: Visitors Hospital Volunteer Association) Copyright 1988-2018, All rights reserved.

What is a free lawyer called?

What is a pro bono program? Pro bono programs help low-income people find volunteer lawyers who are willing to handle their cases for free. These programs usually are sponsored by state or local bar associations. See our directory of pro bono programs to find one in your state.

In law, a question of law, also known as a point of law, is a question that must be answered by applying relevant legal principles to interpretation of the law. … They thus may refer a case back to a lower court to re-apply the law and answer any fact-based evaluations based on their answer on the application of the law.

How do I check a lawyer’s reputation?

Visit “State and Local Bar Association” service. Scroll through the list until you find either the state you live in or the state the lawyer is located in (if those two states are not the same). To practice law in a state, a lawyer has to become a member of the bar association for that state.

How do I change my avvo question?

How do I edit my claimed profile?Sign in to your Avvo account.Go to your Avvo profile.Click Edit Profile at the top of the page.Do any of the following: To add or change an item, click Edit next to the item. To remove an item, click Delete next to the item. To switch back to you public-facing profile, click View your profile at the top of the page.

How do you know if you have a good lawyer?

For the public, the best way to confirm an attorney’s license to practice law is by contacting the licensing or regulatory agency in that state that grants the bar license. In most states, the licensing or regulatory agency is managed by the state bar or the state bar association.